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1014 Focus & Concentration


Focus and Concentration, strengthens memory, teaches Patience and powerful protection, de- stresses gemstone bracelet. Howlite and Onyx 8mm beads with Lava stones for using essential oils. Howlite is a stone for focus and concentration, strengthens one’s memory, eliminates rage and teaches patience and de-stresses.  A very calming stone good for anyone in school. Also encourages emotional expression and helps one get a restful sleep and peaceful dreams by putting under your pillow. Aids insomnia, has clear and peaceful communication including connecting to higher realms. Onyx is a powerful protection stone, transmutes negative energy and aids in emotional and physical strength. Great for stress and strengthening the immune system. It is a stone of separation and used to release that which does not serve us any longer.

 All items are cleansed and infused with Reiki energy, Love and Light.

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