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Teri Maddox is a Reiki Master and uses her own energy to harmonize with her clients to gently guide the body back into harmony. Energy work is definitely a growing field involving physical and spiritual health and Reiki is probably the most well known.

Energy work is a growing field involving physical and spiritual health. Reiki is probably the most well known of these techniques, but there are others such as Quantum Touch, Healing Touch and Jin Shin Jyutsu to name a few. All of these techniques involve the manipulation and redirecting of the body’s “energy” pathways and fields.  She can “hear” the energy of the body and finds areas that are out of harmony with the rest. She then uses her own energy to harmonize with the clients and then gently guide it back into harmony with the rest of the body.

What is Reiki? What is a Distant Session. 

What is Reiki – It is a japanese technique for stress reduction & relaxation and through this also promotes healing. The word Reiki is broken down into 2 parts Rei – Universal Life and Ki – Energy or Spiritually guided Life force Energy.

What is a Distant Healing Session – Any form of healing energy “sent” across Time & Space that is received & has a healing effect on the recipient.  There isn’t anything special that needs to be done by the recipient of Reiki energy except the permission to allow the Reiki energy to flow to & within the individual that is receiving the energy.  Reiki energy will never cause harm and will only work for the highest good for all involved.

Prices – 1/2 hour Distant session – $45.00 1 hour Distant session – $75.

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