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1008 Joy & Courage


Energizing, Regenerating, Master Healer for Women, Passion, Joy and Courage gemstone bracelet. Rose Quartz, Garnet, Moonstone and Ruby spacers – 8mm beads and 6mm spacers, with Lava stone for using essential oils. Rose Quartz is known for unconditional universal love, joy, warmth and emotional healing and restores trust and harmony in relationships. Garnet is powerful at giving you energy and revitalizing.  Energizes all chakras, purifies and balances. Inspires love and devotion, also discourages miscarriages is useful during times of crisis. Moonstone’s meaning is in its energy, deeply feminine and a Master Healer for women. Brining soothing and healing, calming energy. Ruby is the Stone of Nobility and said to encourage passion, improves motivation and instills confidence. Banishes sadness and brings Joy, it clears the mind and helps concentration.  It stimulates the Root Chakra increasing vitality and chi (The life force energy) into the spirit. It has always been associated with Love, especially faithful commitment.

2 available.  Size 7 – 7.5” wrist but can be adjusted as needed.

All items are cleansed and infused with Reiki energy.

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